Saturday, 25 September 2010

Jay Bird Sports Band Headset Review

Rating: 7/10

Best Price: £34.95 here.

+ No wires
-      Instructions could be clearer
+ Good quality sound for a reasonable price.
-      Hard to use the controls while running

What it does: Wireless Bluetooth headphones perfect for running, cycling, etc.

First Impressions:
     Ease of use – The instruction manual could use a bit more than pictures, but once you have connected your iPod to the headphones operation is very self explanatory. The main trouble is trying to use the controls on the side of the headphones whilst running.

-         Design – A nice look with a plethora of colour schemes to choose from. And nice attention to detail mirroring the button configuration in the other ear to keep its symmetry.

-         Sound Quality – Impressive quality sound for inexpensive headphones.

What’s in the box:
-         Headphones
-         USB Charger
-         Manual
-         Spare Ear Guards

Tech Specs: Full specs here.

Conclusion: A good solution to the problem with wired headphones when you are doing exercise for a good price. However the short fall with the device is that when running it’s fairly hard to use the controls without stopping.

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