Monday, 6 September 2010

Fujifilm Finepix HS10 Review

Rating: 7/10

Best Price: £285.40 here

What it is: A 10.3 Mega Pixel digital camera with all the trimmings and gizmos of an SLR. 

+ Impressive lens range.
-      Costs nearly as much as an SLR

-      Only 10 Megapixels

-      No internal rechargeable battery   

What it’s up against: The Olympus SP-800UZ, the only other digital camera with a 30x zoom lens.

First Impressions:

-         Ease of use – Nice and simple command dial and menu functions including one button playback and video recording.

-         Picture quality – See photos here and a sample video.
-         Design - The matt black finish and ergonomic curves give the HS10 a nice strong look. Big controls allow rapid and simple access to the cameras many functions.
The Fujifilm HS10 looks like and is a serious piece of tech requiring a little time familiarising yourself with the features and manual.
The most impressive feature is the zoom which even at maximum keeps very good picture quality.
The LCD screen can tilt 90 degrees upwards and 45 degrees downwards which helps with shots from the hip or above your head. One issue is that the screen has neither a cover nor the ability to turn around for protection when not in use.
What’s in the box:

·        HS10 Camera
·        4 X AA Batteries
·        A/V cable
·        USB cable
·        Lens cap and chord
·        CD-Rom

Tech Specs: Full specs here.

A “superzoom” camera at the higher end of the price scale, near the point of a basic SLR. A nice SLR finish and a very impressive manual zoom very unusual in a digital camera.

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