Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Swann ActionCam MDV-450 Review

Rating: 7/10

Best Price: £54.93 here

+ Simple to operate
-      Jerky video quality
+ Lots of peripheral extras
-      Hard to line up the camera when on bike helmet.

What it does: A small and lightweight camcorder designed for video and photo capture during extreme sports.

-         Ease of use – Fairly simple to use with coloured LED’s to indicate what you are doing.     
-         Picture quality – see a sample video here.

-         Design – Sturdy. Well designed for heavy outdoor use.

First Impressions:

The camera is well built and designed for outdoor use with “weather resistant anti-corrosive casing” and a shock resistant design.

There is a panel on the camera half way down, with 4 LED’d and a REC/PAUSE button in the centre. There is also a hole where the microphone is as well.

On the base of the camera, there is a screw top that when removed revels the MicroSD card slot, Mini USB port and the on/off switch.

The camera also comes with several stands and grips to attach the camera to oneself or your bike or car. These include a bicycle helmet attachment, a bicycle frame bracket and a car mount.

Downloading the images is just the same as you would from a normal video camera or digital camera.

Still picture quality is good as is the video quality; however it is a little jerky due to a fairly low frame speed. There is also some wind noise, but nothing to get worked up about

In the box:

·         MDV-450 Camera
·         Micro SD Card 2GB
·         Camera Stand with Suction Grip
·         Bicycle Helmet Attachment
·         Bicycle Frame Bracket
·         Magnifying Sight Scope
·         USB Cable
·         Instruction Manual

Tech Specs:
·         Video Resolution – 640 x 480
·         Photo resolution – 2048 x 1536
·         Framerate 24 fps
·         Storage – 2GB Mirco-SD Card
·         Weight – 60g
·         Full specs here

A neat little camera with plenty of extras at a very good price. Video quality is a little poor but good enough for the armature extreme sports enthusiast.

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