Thursday, 2 September 2010

Swann ThumbCam Review

Rating: 8/10

Best Price: £45.91 here

+ Very versatile
-      Hard to tell what’s in frame
+ Wide selection of extras as standard

What it does: A tiny camera to “shoot videos of bike rides, runs, sports, hand gliding, events and more.

First Impressions:

-         Ease of use – Nice and simple interface.

-         Picture quality – See an example video here.

-         Design – Ridiculously small, uncomplicated and sleek.

The front of the camera has nothing but the lens, the back has a loop for your lanyard and the base has a mini USB port for connection to a computer. The right hand side has the Mode button and MicroSd slot, with the power button on the opposite side, with the top button holding the Record/Stop button.

It takes a little time to get the hang of the device, but the manual is well written and easy to follow.

Along with the camera you get a nice selection of peripherals including a protective clear silicon case, belt/pocket clip, wall mount clip, pivot clip, USB cable and a mini-CD with the necessary software on it.

Picture and sound quality are very impressive from such a tiny device.

The drawbacks to the device are that with no screen it is hard to know what’s in frame, and there is also no zoom facility.

What’s in the box:

ThumbCam DVR-415
·        MicroSD Card 2GB
·        Silicon Cover
·        USB Charging Cable
·        Wall, Magnetic, Belt Brackets
·        Software CD
·        Operating Instructions

Tech Specs:

·         Resolution – 720 x 480
·         Frame Rate – 30 FPS
·         Weight – 20g

A very adaptable little camera, with sound activation and mounts allowing it to be used in a variety of situations.

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